Friday, November 18, 2011

Tracking my miles now with RunKeeper

At a recent potluck, I was talking to my friend Erick about running, and I mentioned that one of the many things I liked about running is that it's so low-tech.

"I never run with my phone, " I said.

"You don't run with your phone?!!" He responded, clearly thinking that I was insane.  He then proceeded to tell me about how he used the RunKeeper app to track his miles.  Even though I knew such apps existed, I really hadn't given them much thought until then.  So, on November 10th, I started to use my phone on my walks and runs.  I think I might have been overestimating the distance of some of my runs, so it's nice to have more accuracy.  Also, this will allow me to increase my distances over time on long runs.  I decided that I am going to start doing an extra run on my own, in addition to the ones that I do with my running group.  I started today at lunch with a run that was exactly five miles.  For now, I don't plan on doing drills on my personal run unless I miss one of my group runs.  I want to keep the drills to three times a week and keep my focus on the running when I do my personal run.

11/10: 3.71 miles walking; TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Day 4)
11/11: 6.64 miles walking; TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Day 5)
11/12: Running group (1.49 miles) + interval training + boxing drills
11/13: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Day 5)
11/14: 4.60 miles walking; Running group (2.65 miles) + drills @ TSD; TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Day 1)
11/15: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Day 2)
11/16: Running group (1.70 miles) + drills @ Long Center
11/17: 0
11/18: 5.00 miles Running + 5 minutes walking

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