Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food tracking

Good morning!

I will be keeping track of what I eat via food pictures here.  Rather than making separate entries for each of my meals, I'll probably just include them at the bottom of my posts once a day.  Feel free to ask me what certain items are as well as recipes.  I'm happy to share!

Lately, I've been following a healthy eating style based on the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  I plan on talking about this more in a separate entry that discusses my evolving eating habits and beliefs about nutrition over 20+ years of veganism.  Believe me, I have plenty to share about different eating styles as a vegan as I have been all of the following (some more than once):

- Skinny vegan.
- "Average" vegan.
- Fat vegan.
- Fit/Strong vegan.

I'll share some of my eating styles used in the past, as well as what I'm doing now.  You also get to see how well I'm sticking to eating healthfully as I take pictures of everything I eat!  Fun, huh?

Let me go ahead and say that December 31st and January 1st I was quite a bit more "unhealthy" in my eating than I have been in the last couple of months.  I ate less greens and salad (the mainstays of my diet) and more junky stuff.  I didn't take pictures of December 31st when I had Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Cookie Dough vegan ice cream with Amy's Apple Toaster Pops for dessert.

Below are all of my January 1st pics.

Please note that I didn't eat that entire Pumpkin Pie.  I did eat about a fourth of it.  Also, the pie (minus the store-bought crust) was actually one of the more healthy items, as it had no added oil, salt, or refined sugars.  Basically it was canned pumpkin, spices, date sugar, silken tofu poured into a graham cracker crust.  Note that date sugar is merely powdered dates.  I'll post the whole recipe later.  I'm going to go eat the last piece for breakfast!


Tyler January said...

I like this idea of posting photos of everything you eat every day! I look forward to seeing what you post from one vegan to another! Awesome Gabriel!

Gabriel said...

Cool! I started eating more simply (for the most part) a couple of months ago, so it's mostly salad and greens. More about that later. We do have some delicious recipes like chili and Thai curry. When we make those, we eat the same thing for a few days. I am mostly posting the pictures as a way to make myself more accountable and aware of my food choices. Like posting that I ate a fourth of a pie (even a healthy one) definitely got me thinking....I want to track exercise and some other things too. Glad to have you following, Tyler! :)

Krys said...

Yay for a new year and a new vegan blog. The food looks great. And Jess said you two were trying 'The 365 Day Project' I started. I look forward to reading more posts. Happy New Year.


Gabriel said...

Thanks, Krys! Happy New Year! We are doing a modified version of "The 365 Day Project," with maybe two outings per month (I think). I'm excited about it!

Krys said...

That is awesome. A modified version is better than no version at all. :)