Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hello, and welcome to Vegan Dude's blog!

Happy New Year!! As I say hello to 2011 after saying goodbye to 2010, I have in mind many new projects and goals on which I will embark this year. This blog is one of those projects, but it will also serve as a means of tracking the other projects and goals. I'm really excited to get started and more committed than I've ever been before. I have an idea of what it will look like, but I'm certain that will evolve as I become Blogger Extraordinaire. :) My other attempts at blogging were not very well-planned and did not go beyond a few entries. This time will be different.

Besides sharing what's going on in my life, here's some of what you can expect to see here:

* Tracking of goals.
* Book reviews and notes.
* Vegan recipes for healthy and ethical eating.
* Product reviews.
* Vegan ethics and Jain philosophy.
* Money-saving tips.
* My own health and fitness tracking and lessons learned.
* Helpful and fun pet info.
* Home projects.
* Links and responses to interesting articles.
* Reactions to anti-vegan cranks and evaluations of their arguments.
* Fun things to do in and around Austin.
* Lots of great pictures and videos.
* Giveaways!!!

I hope that you're as excited as I am!

1 comment:

kat mcdonald said...

HI Gabriel
Just watched your video on how to make vegan cat food. i'm desperate to get a hold of your recipe and names of the brands of zymes you're using etc. that'd be amazing. any chance you could email it to me?

i'm very concerned about now wanting to make my own vegan cat food - it's not right that he's eating the rubbish that is deemed as 'cat food'... he's 50% vegan at the moment but would love to progress this - but i wanna make sure he gets ALL he needs. please please... help me out?
thank you.
best wishes, vegan to vegan, from Scotland