Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to work

Last Monday, my girlfriend Jessica had her third surgery this year for an injury she sustained in February. I took off all of last week from work so that I could focus on taking care of her, driving her to physical therapy, and just being able to be there for her without any work distractions.  Her surgery went well, despite a complication and some pretty intense bruising.  We are hoping that this is the final surgery and that she regains the full motion and function of her hand soon without any symptoms of RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), which was something that she dealt with after a previous surgery.  Despite the fact that I work from home and have some flexibility with my schedule, I still believe that working last week would have been difficult to pull off.  I do wish that I could have spent more time outside hiking because the weather was BEAUTIFUL around here.  Oh, well. I still have some time off in November and December coming up.

I'm back at work today and am trying to get back in the groove of things. I've had some issues with our VPN this morning, which makes that a little difficult.  Luckily, that gave me a little extra time to write this post.  For that I am happy.

My exercise regimen was a little less consistent last week.  I actually missed a day of my running group for the first time since I started, and I only used the Total Gym one evening.  Of course, I had a good excuse, and I'm very happy to be back at it.  I still need to incorporate some yoga into my routine, but I just need to find the time to work it into my schedule.

10/6: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 3&4)
10/7: ?
10/8: Running group (~3 miles) + interval training
10/9: 0
10/10: 0
10/11: 0
10/12: Running group (~3 miles) + drills on 7th Street hill
10/13: 0
10:14: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 5&6)
10/15: Running group (~1.5 miles) + interval training
10/16: 0

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