Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Now that I am in my 11th week of running at least three times a week for my cardio and now that I am using the TotalGym for resistance training, I've decided that it makes sense to add yoga to the mix to work on my flexibility.  I'm going to be looking at different types of yoga and will probably try out some introductory packages to save money and to experiment with different teachers and schools.  Eventually it would be nice to find a yoga that I can stick with, but for now I will experiment.  Of course, if something just knocks my socks off and nothing else compares, then I will reserve the right to go back to it and stick with it.

I have done yoga in the past, though not many times. I am, however, very familiar with at least some yogic philosophy. (Much of the spiritual/philosophical side I believe comes originally from Jain teachings, though I would guess that many Hindu yogic practitioners would disagree.)  What I am seeking right now, though, is less of the spiritual side of yoga and more of the physical side.  While I am someone who deeply values spirituality, I believe that spiritual practice is very personal and there are many "spiritual" people out there with agendas and products and gurus to sell.  Don't get me wrong.  I will listen and be open to those whose teachings seem genuine to me, but I will also feel free to reject those things that don't make sense.  

The idea to do this arose from not only my need to become more flexible and remain injury free; it also was inspired by a really good movie called Enlighten Up, where the director takes an unemployed skeptic and has him go to different yoga schools to try them out.  The director who is into yoga wants a certain outcome, but the experimenting student doesn't always follow the path that she wants him to.  He does score a trip to Hawaii and India, where he meets some yoga gurus and stays at some cool Ashrams.  I may not get to go where he did, but I will definitely try some schools in Austin and post my thoughts here.  Hell, maybe, I'll even try some classes in Houston or Dallas.  We'll see where this leads me.

10/3: 45 minutes walking, Running class (~4 miles) + drills


Anonymous said...

Hey Mister! You should come do yoga with me at yoga yoga sometime. I'm a total junkie.

andieclark said...

I will surely add yoga to my fitness exercise too because I want to get rid of my tummy fat. If this one doesn't work out, I might as well just try coolsculpting treatment to bring back my shape.