Friday, October 28, 2011

Exercise Log

10/20: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 1&2), walking 65 minutes
10/21: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 3&4)
10/22: Running group (~1.5 miles) + interval training + boxing drills
10/23: 0.  Drove to and from Dallas to attend Texas State Veggie Fest.  Ate oily, salty food at Quickstart Veggie Garden.
10/24: Running group (~3 miles) + drills at TSD
10/25: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 5&6), walking 45 minutes
10/26: Running group (~1.5 miles) + small (easy) hill training
10/27: TotalGym John Carleo 6-day training (Days 1&2), walking 45 minutes
10/28: Walking 65 minutes

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